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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

the blanket game

Landon's new favorite thing is to "get skippy on the blanket". He enjoys being pulled around the kitchen on the soft blanket. One night, we decided to give both boys a ride. Check out Lincoln just chillin', sucking that thumb...he is so mellow!

Brotherly Love

Lincoln thinks everything Landon does is super. These pictures show an evening where Landon laid down next to Lincoln on the floor and he said, "Laugh, Lincoln, laugh", and of course Lincoln ate up the attention from his big brother and laughed and smiled. Lincoln follows Landon around the room with his eyes, and is very interested in Landon as he rides his bike and plays with his toys.

First Bike

Happy early Christmas to Landon! Aaron took him on a shopping spree at Toys R Us last Sunday after church, and Landon picked out his very first bike (Cars theme), and helmet (Thomas the Tank Engine theme). Landon was so excited and enjoyed "helping" Aaron put it together. He got right on and took off- he is quite the agile little guy, and he loves going "faster and faster" on his new bike. Aaron and Landon took a bike ride together last night, and I thought that was great. Landon asks to ride his bike all day long- he loves it! It's really fun for me to see him riding down the street...hard to believe he is only 2 1/2.

New Train

Landon loves Thomas the Tank Engine, and during his last trip to Toys R Us with Aaron he latched on to this Thomas Christmas train and so Aaron purchased Landon's first official way overpriced Thomas train! As you can see, Landon is quite pleased with his new toy.

Food Facial

Lincoln has been taste-testing various far he has had sweet potatoes, butternut squash, and carrots. Below you can see how much he enjoyed his butternut squash...quite a mess!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Halloween!

We had a fun Halloween celebration with our monkey turned Darth Vader, and our little banana. We met friends and neighbors at the Ferguson driveway for hot dogs and treats, and then went trick-or-treating. Landon's little friend, Ayla Teresi, is the little girl in the pink princess dress...they get along so well and played together for most of the night and shared the Lightening McQueen ride as they drove around trick-or-treating.

Riding Kamden's bike

Here is Landon riding Kamden Ferguson's bike. He has been wanting to ride the "big" bikes for a while, and has gradually been improving on his skills. Maybe Santa will bring him a bike for Christmas.

First Food

Lincoln had his first taste of rice cereal on Wednesday, October 29th, and then we fed him sweet potatoes the next day. He didn't really seem to like the cereal, and had some trouble figuring out how to work his tongue to get the food down. He may need some practice, which was surprising to me, as he seemed so interested in eating and "chews" on everything!