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Sunday, January 23, 2011

First Tooth and First Haircut

Leia popped her first tooth today...on the bottom. I was just chatting with other moms in the nursery this morning who have infants around the same age that have also been teething a LONG time, like Leia, and we were all saying that we hadn't found any teeth yet. And then tonight while I was on the phone with Bob Bob and Glo Glo, I felt that sharp little tooth coming out of her bottom gum. Hooray. 7 months old tomorrow. I think the boys had teeth at 6 months, but I need to verify that!

I have been wanting to cut off her little tail in the back as it was kind of funny looking and had long, random strands coming off of it, so tonight when we were doing haircuts for the boys, I cut it off. I guess that means she has had her first haircut.

Finally, a picture of her gnawing on pizza crust- her favorite so far!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy New Year!

We had a blast celebrating New Year's Eve in Georgetown with friends. This was taken right at midnight, and it is one of my favorite pictures of Aaron and I. Happy 2011!

Vallejo Family

Each year at Christmas we spend a night with Aaron's grandma and we get to see a lot of his cousins and his aunt and uncle too. Here are some pics from this year's visit.

All Aboard 2010 Reunion

We love getting together with our Chico friends and former daycare families. Here are some pictures from our fun times before Christmas.

Christmas 2010

Too many great pictures to post them all. Needless to say, the pictures say it all- we had a WONDERFUL Christmas.

My Amazing Mother-in-Law

I have to brag on my mother-in-law and show the world her creative skills. I am so thankful for her creativity, generosity, and love for her grandkids. For each of my children, she has made a super-soft, adorable, large blankie that they all love. Then, for Leia's room, she created some black slipcovers for the baby blue glider that I used for the boys and saved me a bunch of money and having to sell the old chair on craigslist and get a new one. Hooray for her sewing skills! She also turned the quilt that came with Leia's crib set into a wall hanging, and she has started collecting bling and all things princess and girly for Leia's room and dress-up collection. She gave Leia the most adorable tiara ring for Christmas...someday Leia will LOVE it! When we went out to California for Christmas, she planned a whole day of crafts for the boys and put together a spectacular craft box full of coloring books, glitter glue, and all kinds of fun. What lucky kiddos! And she is always sending stickers from her LARGE collection. Thank you, Ya Ya, for being so wonderful! We love you!