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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Landon at bat for Bulls

Here is Landon's first at bat for the Bulls this season.

2nd at bat for Bulls

Landon at bat again for the Bulls.

Bulls cheer

The kiddos are always anxious to get their snacks at the end of the game, but they also love doing their "Bulls cheer". I get a kick out the huddle. :-) We are very thankful for Coach Keith and Coach Nick- they are both wonderful with the kids and we appreciate them.

Bulls Tball

Landon had his first tball game as a Bull on Saturday. It was a gorgeous day and we all got some good vitamin D. Several of the parents, Aaron and I included, were surprised at how improved the kiddos were from the previous 3-4 yr old team division...there were actually a few "plays" that would have been outs at first base, which we didn't see at all last year, so that was fun.

Landon, Leif, and Kale...good buddies.

Check out Landon's old school baseball converse (thanks, Carol!). :-) Thought my dad would enjoy seeing Landon play ball in these...just like the old days. ;-)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tent Video

Here are the kiddos and Aaron enjoying the tent. It was easy to set up and tear down...10 minutes or so to to set up, and about five to tear down and fold up. The boys are excited to go camping.

New Tent

Aaron has decided he wants to try camping again. He mentioned the other night that he would like the kiddos to have the camping experience...we both had lots of positive camping experiences as kids, although the last time he and I attempted camping on the CA coast with our Avalanche tent, it didn't go so well and we ended up checking into a hotel after the first night!

Aaron took the boys to REI last night and they picked out a tent, and set it up in the backyard this morning. Even Leia got into the action and enjoyed crawling in the tent. The boys played out there for a few hours, and Aaron hung out in the tent with them. At one point, I caught them all on camera playing their various handheld games...I got a kick out of that. :-) Camping with personal electronic fun.

Austin Metro Rail

I took the kiddos on the relatively new Austin Metro Rail on Friday. We drove about 10 miles to the station, purchased our tickets, and rode the train into downtown Austin, where we walked about 10 minutes to the children's museum and played with our friends, Kelly, Rory, and Payton, and then we took the train back to the station and our truck. The boys enjoyed their train ride, and I was very impressed with the metro...and the best part is that kids ride free! :-)


Aaron pre-ordered the new 3D Nintendo DS and it arrived this week. He also got the new Star Wars game for Landon. Right now, he is telling the boys it is his, but letting them play with it. Both boys enjoyed playing it, and I'm pretty sure they have no idea how lucky they are to have a dad that enjoys all things video games and gets all the new systems.

Hoppin' Hippo

On the last Wednesday of every month we go to Hoppin' Hippo in Hutto for a Zoe Kidz play date. Here are some shots of the kiddos and friends in the ball pit, and the first one is of Lincoln and his buddy, Elijah, in fun costumes.

Leia bean

We've taken to calling Leia, "Leia bean"...a spin off "Leia Jean", and here she is having a little too much fun with her food. :-)

Baseball season

is here again.... :-)
Landon is on the Bulls this season, with his good buddies, Kale, Kamden, Eli, and Leif. Here is a sweet picture at practice...just minutes before both Leif and Landon had their arms around each other as they listened to Coach Keith.