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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Play date Swap

My sweet friends, Ashley & Brittany (gorgeous Georgetown sisters!), have joined me in a new swap venture- once a week we trade off and watch our youngest three gals while the other two mamas get errands done (alone!!!) or enjoy some free time. The kiddos love it and the mamas love it!

Today was my day and Leia had been looking forward to her friends coming over for days!

The girls enjoyed donuts, play time and play doh!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Ice Skating

We met Aunt Glenda and Uncle Gary at Whole Foods in Austin for ice skating today. Landon enjoyed it the most and did great!

Girl Legos

Aaron is starting Leia out young on Legos. :-) They have quite the impressive selection of "girl" Legos!

Glo Glo & Leia

A few more pics and a short clip of Grandma Gloria and Leia from our vacation. :-)

YouTube Video

6 Flags Fiesta Texas

We came home from our California vacation on Saturday and turned around and joined the Fergusons on a San Antonio trip to Six Flags! We all cashed in on the last day of their super gold pass upgrade for 2013 season passes. It was chilly, but Aaron thought to bring hand warmer packets for all (thanks, Papa and Ya Ya, your Christmas gift was enjoyed by all- best stocking stuffers ever!)! The kids had a blast with their friends and Leia went on her first roller coaster ride with Auntie Nancy...she even put her hands in the air! ;-)

Best shot ever of Aaron & Keith holding hands as they skipped toward the park entrance ;-)


We ended our trip back in Paradise with Uncle John & Aunt Emily. Nice, cozy day at their house (I got to read a book on my kindle fire by their fire!) and then they treated us to our favorite steak house- 5th Street Steakhouse in Chico...yummy!

Kids had a blast with their dog. Copper would grab the swing rope and pull them all around- good fun for all!

Hayes Family & Grandma Munson

We got to spend time with my mom's brother and his family, and her mom.