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Friday, February 17, 2012



Landon started his first season of YMCA basketball in January. His good buddy, Colton, is on the team too, as well as a few little friends from past seasons of t-ball and preschool. I always enjoy watching the boys play sports, and Landon seems to be having a blast. He excels on defense and sticks like glue to his opponent (they have color coded wrist bands so that the kiddos know who "their" person is to cover), but he often forgets to switch to offense and ends up guarding the other player even down by his team's basket. Hilarious.
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Happy New Year!


Happy 2012! We decided to ring in the new year with a murder mystery dinner...complete with an 80's theme...lots of big hair, 80's slang, Atari, denim jackets, leggings, good food and great friends. We had a blast, even though poor Tomi broke her toe, and no one really solved the mystery!
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2nd Christmas collage


Santa at the airport, pilot giving out wings, in and out burger with Uncle John and Aunt Nancy, daycare reunion party, hanging out in Chico, being with Uncle John and Aunt Emily and Copper in Paradise, relaxing in Lake Almanor and Chester with Glo Glo and Bob Bob and Papa and Ya Ya, searching for (and finding) some snow to "play" in, ice snowman, scrabble, annual Christmas Eve in Stockton, Christmas in Paradise and Chester and Lake Almanor, Grandma Murray in Vallejo...coming home to piles of presents for the kids to open...boxes of presents from CA arriving a week later (thanks, Uncle John, our shipping genie!)...
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Christmas 2011 Collage 1


Impossible to recap it all...suffice it to "say" that we had a lovely holiday season. We did our usual Chuy's Toy Parade, Dell Diamond Round Rock Express Santa visit, Georgetown Parade, and our whirlwind trip to California to celebrate the season with family and friends.
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Landon's 1st School Christmas Party


I'm back! And trying to catch up. :-) Here is a collage of pictures from Landon's first school Christmas party...we did a duel Christmas party and baby shower for his teacher. All the kids had a blast and consumed way too much sugar.
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