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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

6 month photo session

Leia took her six month old photos in Chico, CA yesterday, at the old Picture People we used to take Landon to. I wanted to use the same background and props I used for the boys' six month shoots, but they have since retired those. Notice the purple crocheted dress Leia is Grandma Munson gave that to her yesterday- she had made it years ago in the hopes of having a great-granddaughter to wear it, and now her patience has finally paid off. :-) It just fits, so I had to get the pics taken right away in it.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

gingerbread houses

My new neighbor and friend, Kelly, invited Landon over to decorate gingerbread houses with her kids. Landon had a blast and came home excited to tell me all about his creation (he pointed out two pink spots on the roof and said that was me and him, and he pointed out his icicles). He had taken a bite off the top of all of the kisses on his roof before he even arrived home! Thanks, Kelly...a fun tradition that I hope we will be able to continue in the years to come. :-)

Happy 31 Aaron

Happy Birthday, Aaron! I hope that you had a fun birthday weekend. It was nice to have a Master Pancake date night with you on Friday (thanks for watching the kiddos, Kelly), then have your birthday gaming party at our house on Saturday (thanks friends for celebrating with us), and then have another date night at a new restaurant last night (thanks, Barie, for watching the kiddos since you ditched Aaron's party!). ;-) I respect, admire, and love you, and it has been a grand adventure sharing the past 14 years of life with you.

my hair....

forgot to mention that I chopped my hair off.... :-) the stylist literally put my hair in a pony tail and cut it off (see pic). I wanted to try out the new brazilian blowout and I saw a coupon on living social for a salon downtown, so I went for it and decided to be bold. Was hoping to donate my hair to locks of love or another place, but I didn't have the required 8-10 inches...and I just couldn't wait. I'm enjoying my new short and sassy look (I didn't tell Aaron and he was quite surprised when he came home). :-)

Spike and Santa

This past Saturday we visted Dell Diamond, home of the Round Rock Express, and our favorite Santa experience. We take our Santa pictures here each year, and the kids love seeing Spike the baseball dog too! This was Leia's first Santa photo op, and she did great (no smiles, but no tears!). Both Landon and Lincoln talked to Santa, although it took a little while for Lincoln to warm up to Spike the dog and Santa (any large costumed things like Spike or Chuck E Cheese really concern Lincoln right now- he hides behind my leg and keeps an eye on the creature). Landon told Santa all of the things he wants for Christmas- he has quite the list going...Santa heard all about the spiderman suit with feet and real webs that shoot out (complete with lots of hand gestures from Landon)...I'm not even sure if this suit exists, but I am going to try to find it. Thanks to the RR Express for another wonderful family adventure- we love Dell Diamond (we were able to purchase our 2011 kids club pack too, so we have our tickets for next season, and the boys got free stuffed Spike's with our purchase- notice them lovin' on their new toys already.