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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Snow Fun

The boys had a blast in the snow. Leia preferred to be inside and warm and cozy after her first venture into the snow without proper apparel. The boys helped me build a snowman, they enjoyed eating icicles, Aaron made them a spacious snow cave, and Bob Bob made them their own sled hill and had many snowball fights with them. So fun!

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YouTube Video

White Christmas

My prayers were answered abundantly and we had a very white Christmas in Chester and Lake Almanor. Our drive up the mountain was slow, but gorgeous. Snow covered windy mountain road made for an interesting trek. We spent most of the day with Ya Ya and Papa in Chester and we feasted on yummy treats Ya Ya prepared, opened presents and played in the snow. Aaron and Papa graciously spent hours shoveling out my parent's driveway so they could get home that night. We spent the evening at my parent's home in Lake Almanor and the kids opened more presents. Life is good for them in California. Lots of presents and treats.

Christmas morning in Paradise

We had a change of travel plans due to the snow in Lake Almanor, so we spent the night with my brother in Paradise and the boys were thrilled to wake up and play video games with Uncle John. It was a nice Christmas morning with John & Em and then we headed up the hill to Chester.

Robinson Family Christmas Eve

After Vallejo, we traveled to Stockton for Christmas Eve with my dad's side of the family. One special moment was my 89 yr old grandpa playing the harmonica with my dad on guitar while we all sang carols. The kiddos enjoyed playing with my cousin's kids and opening lots of presents. All the aunts and cousins give the kids a present so they get spoiled on Christmas Eve and they love it!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas visit to Vallejo

First stop on our California tour de Christmas was Grandma Murray's house in Vallejo. We saw Aaron's cousins and their kiddos and Uncle Jim. Grandma and the cousins made 96 cinnamon rolls! It smelled so wonderful all day.

Ready for take off!

Dinner in CA...In And Out- yum!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Girl's Christmas Night with Nancy

Nancy treated me to Moonshine Grill last night and then we hit the Trail of Lights (so glad HEB brought it back!). There were thousands of people there- hard to walk! But beautiful lights and displays.

Early Christmas in Texas

We let the kiddos open their presents this morning before we fly to California. Lots of fun! Landon was most excited about The Lord of the Rings Lego Xbox game, Lincoln's favorite were the Ninja Turtle Legos and Leia liked her new itty bitty twin dolls.

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