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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Morning Snow Videos

Here are some clips of the boys out in the snow. We hope to get out tonight for a little while and build our own snowman, but we may have to wait until the warmer temps of tomorrow morning.

Snow in Round Rock

We had snow today in Round Rock that actually stayed on the ground! Landon woke up, and as he looked outside he said, "It's Christmas!" And, indeed, snow here is a rare gift and a nice treat, and this snow was perfect for making snowballs and snowmen. We have three snowmen already on our street, and more are being created as I type.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Superhero Capes

Landon is very into the whole superhero thing these days, and loves capes. I have been considering buying some or making some for a while, and today I finally decided I needed to make my first attempt. Now, my crafty sewing friends and my seamstress, amazingly creative mother-in-law will laugh at my "ghetto", no sewing machine capes (I'm open to any offers for perfectly stitched capes too!), but the boys loved them. For the past week our whole family has been sick, and I can't seem to shake the cough, so I was running out of ways today to keep the boys busy that were less energy-intensive for me when I remembered the cape idea, and decided to use an old fitted white sheet, cut out a cape, and tie the elastic together on the ends (the beauty of this whole thing is that the fitted sheet comes complete with all of the necessary elements, plus the already sewn in elastic pouch!). Ghetto magic....superhero capes ready to color and decorate! There was quite the sparkle in Landon's eye and a cute grin on his face as he slipped the first prototype cape over his head, and then colored on it. I ended up using sharpie markers to draw the Batman and Superman logos on two of the capes, and then Landon and Lincoln were off to fight the bad guys. It was neat for me to see Lincoln excited about the capes, and how quickly he raced off to chase they would run by he would say, "fast", and I could see he was checking out his cape flapping as he ran! I have to admit, I am proud of my little mommy creative moment in the midst of my sleep-deprived, sick state.

My Little Reader

Lincoln has really started enjoying books over the past few months, and I am thrilled that both my children love reading. Landon has a very good attention span now and can handle more wordy books, while Lincoln likes the shorter books, but most especially, any book that has a ball in it, and of course he prefers the books with basketballs! He will point out any circular object that looks like a ball and proclaim it to be a "ball". Lincoln will bring books over to me throughout the day, or go over to the couch with a book and pat the couch so I know I need to come sit there and read to him. He sleeps with several books in his bed and I enjoy coming in and finding him looking at his books.

XBox Brothers

It was bound to happen....Lincoln is usually at least slightly interested in what Landon is doing, and often wants to give it a try and be like his big brother, so now when Landon asks to play a game, Lincoln says, "play?", and wants a controller too. Unfortunately, he doesn't have the mad gaming skillz of his brother yet, and ends up bringing up the dashboard screen over and over again, which severely irritates Landon and usually ends in a beating for Lincoln! However, it does make for a nice picture and "brotherly moment" every once in a while. I am sure that someday soon Lincoln will be able to hold his own and be a satisfactory 2nd player for Landon.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Lincoln Playing Basketball

This is Lincoln playing his favorite sport- basketball. He loves's an obsession, really. He sleeps with his basketball!

Landon sings "Paradise City"

This is Landon singing that old Guns N Roses favorite..."Paradise City"! It cracks us up- he learned it from the video game he plays racing cars around Paradise City.

So it's been a while...

Well, I haven't posted since September, and instead of trying to catch up, I am just starting in the present. Today we had our 3rd annual Valentine party with about fifty friends in attendance at Chuck E Cheese! We all had a blast, and you can see the slideshow of fun below.

This week I am about half way through my pregnancy, feeling great, and we had a sonogram on Tuesday that failed to reveal the sex of our third child. The baby's legs were crossed at the ankles, and the umbilical cord was between the legs....go figure! Now my plan is to go in for a special 3D/4D session at Miracle in Sight boutique here in Round Rock next month. I have never had one of these sessions, and I'm looking forward to it.

Landon turns four in June and Lincoln turns two in May, while Baby #3 is due in June, so we are working on the two year cycle here. The official due date is June 20th, and therefore delivery could be quite close to Landon's June 16th birthday. Lincoln is OBSESSED with basketball these days- notice all of the pictures of him playing basketball in the "shoe" with our friend, Graham. He is actually quite good and is already working on dribbling and his jump shot! He points out the basketball hoops in the driveways as we drive past, and often begs to be taken on a walk to look at basketball hoops. Too funny. Landon is quite the X Box addict these days and is into all of the LEGO games, including Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Batman. He also plays the racing game Burnout/Paradise City, and sings a mean rendition of Guns N Roses, "Paradise City", which I need to video and post.