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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Landon's Official 3rd Birthday

Here we are at Chuck E Cheese's celebrating Landon's official birthday on June 16, 2009. We had a fun day going to the movies with his friends and then eating and playing at the restaurant. Aaron even brought the whole Tandem Games crew for lunch.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day

Aaron's Father's Day FJ Cruiser for the boys (all Aaron wanted was Pei Wei for lunch!)...what a great Dad!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

More Triathlon Pictures

Here are some pictures that Pastor Keith, Barie's husband, took of all of us triathletes. :-) Also, you can follow the link on the right side of my page to the Ferguson family blog, and see pictures that Barie has posted and a message she wrote about the triathlon from her perspective.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Wooooo Hoooo! I just completed my first triathlon, the Danskin sprint triathlon. It was great. My good friend, Barie, roped me into it after her friend, Alison, asked her to do it. The whole training and preparation was made easier by having a supportive and competitive group of ladies encouraging one another. The group picture was taken at an informational and motivational meeting we attended several months ago when we started training. The actual event was last Sunday, June 7th, and I am proud to say that we all finished the race well. My time for the 1/2 mile swim, 12 mile bike ride, and 3 mile run was 2 hours and 10 minutes, which I was very happy with. Initially my goal was under 3 hours, and then it changed to 2 1/2 hours, and I was hoping for close to or under 2 hours by the last few weeks. The swim was the most challenging part for me, but it was so neat to be out there with my friends and all of these other women, and have all of the families cheering everyone on. It felt wonderful to sprint to that finish line and get my medal- an accomplishment I'll always remember, and one I might repeat next year and try for a better time under 2 hours! Who is with me? :-)


May was a month full of celebration and fun for the Murray family. Grandpa Bob and Grandma Gloria came out to visit at the beginning of the month, and they watched the boys for us while Aaron and I took a combined business/8th anniversary trip to Boston. We had a great time there- Boston is a neat place to visit and we were impressed with how clean it was, how pedestrian-friendly it was with all kinds of historical places to walk to and enjoy, and all of the yummy restaurants (lots of fresh seafood, of course!).

We celebrated Mother's Day and then had a huge birthday bash for Landon and Lincoln on May 23rd, Lincoln's 1st birthday. My parents left the day after the big party. And then our little foster baby transferred to another foster home to be with his siblings until November, when they all hope to be reunited with their birth mother. We took care of him for the first three months of his life, and our first experience as a foster family was humbling. It really stretched us and helped us realize how dependent we are on God for the strength to get through each day and (sometimes) sleepless night! The timing for his departure was perfect, as Aaron is slammed with work, and Ya Ya arrived the day he left. We enjoyed celebrating the boys' birthdays again with her by going to the Inner Space Caverns that are right by our house, and having a mini-party at Chuck E Cheese (Landon's favorite place!). The boys didn't even seem to notice that our foster baby had left, but Landon has always been very flexible as far as people staying with us and leaving. We laugh because he always loves having new people come to live with us or visit, but then he doesn't seem to mind too much when they leave. He definitely lives in the moment! Having Ya Ya here was great and we enjoyed showing her all of Landon's favorite places and things to do, and we even took her to Sophie Train so she could take a ride on the train just like we did for the big birthday bash.

And now we are into June and summer is in full-swing....more to come about June in the next post. :-) We are getting close to Landon's actual birthday on the 16th, and we plan to go back to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate again, by his request.