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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sunday, May 11, 2014

My Mom

Happy Mother's Day to my favorite mom. She is the most nurturing and selfless person I know and my favorite thing about her is that she has prayed for me all of my life and I know will continue to be a prayer warrior for me and my family. She cooked amazing breakfasts every day and I didn't even know how special that was until I became a mom and my husband was shocked that I wanted to make the kids breakfast every day! She cooked yummy meals on a tight budget for a big family and I don't ever remember her complaining as she took care of her family while building several houses and living in trailers and partially finished homes.

I love you, Mom!

Mother's Day Lunch

A bunch of sweet friends joined us for lunch at Hat Creek Burger today. Love sharing life with these families. We are going to miss them.

Pat the Bible Besties

Luke & Krue sang "Pat the Bible" (and ate their fake Bibles!) this morning at church. They are so cute!

Mother's Day cards

My kiddos gave me some great cards, compliments of their crafty teachers at school. Landon's made me laugh out loud..."you are the best mom on the plant". He sheepishly told me he left out the "e" when I read it out loud. :)

Leia made me laugh with her answers to this quiz also.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Tiger Talent

"We are Family"
Our small group kiddos did a good job!

Talent Show

TvE Talent show! Our small group kiddos performed the theme song from Ice Age 4. They practiced for months and I'm proud of my boys for sticking with it.

YouTube Video