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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday, Lincoln (and early birthday bash, Landon!)

Happy 2nd Birthday, Lincoln! So hard to believe that you are 2! We started off Lincoln's birthday on Sunday, the 23rd, with a donut decorated with two candles to wake him up....Landon joined me in singing "happy birthday". Then, at church, he celebrated with his class in the Bumblebee room. Sunday night, we had a bunch of our sweet friends join us at our house for a basketball/"Cars" party to celebrate Lincoln turning 2 and Landon turning 4 (I figured a combo party was appropriate again, like last year, as Leia is due on June 20th and Landon's June 16th bday falls a little too close for my comfort...doubt I will have the energy for a big birthday bash then...but Glo Glo and Bob Bob will be out then, and we will celebrate with them! Hoping Landon will catch his first 3D movie with them- Toy Story 3- hooray!). We all had a fun time celebrating, and Aaron and I are so thankful for our boys and wonderful friends back here that we get to share life with.

to create, or not create....

I have been in the crafty, creating mood lately...perhaps a little of the "nesting" bug hitting me in these last few weeks of pregnancy. But, I have to say, cake decorating and bow making are a lot of work! The jury is out on whether I will create or buy from here on out. I do love scrapbooking and cardmaking, and I have for a while, but some of these other crafty skills seem a bit time intensive! However, I did have fun making the boys' birthday cakes and it was especially rewarding to see their smiles of delight. I'm surrounded by such gifted, talented, creative ladies out here, so it is hard not to catch the bug.

cake decorating, anyone?

It was Pastor/Coach Keith's birthday a few weeks ago, and so I attempted a baseball cake (a nice excuse to practice for Lincoln's basketball birthday cake). The funny and memorable part was that the Texas weather did not cooperate and we went from a 95 degree sunny day to severe wind gusts, a 20 degree temp drop, and a gully washer within minutes...we tried to throw slices of cake and cupcakes at everyone as they raced to their vehicles. Lots of laughter!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Showered with Love

This past Saturday my dear, sweet friends out here showered me and Baby Leia with love, gifts, yummy treats, craftiness, and a day of relaxation. My friends created a scrapbook for me for Leia's first year of life, complete with sweet notes to Leia. Alison opened up her beautiful home to our wild crew, and we all just had a blast hanging out and doing "girl" stuff. Thank you to everyone who made my shower so special- I feel so loved and supported.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Boy Party

My boys are so blessed to be surrounded by little buddies! We have play dates at least once a week and the boys just love sharing life with their friends. And of course, I love sharing life with all of their sweet moms- it is so nice to have other moms to talk to and bounce ideas, frustrations, and joys off of. Recently I've been "trading" play dates with Dawn Rivell and I've had the pleasure of going grocery shopping without the boys! Now, I can't even believe I am to that point in my life where I get a morning "off" of mommy duty and I choose to go grocery shopping and think it is a treat!!! Yikes. Hunting and gathering at Walmart alone- whooo hooo. :-)
We are very thankful for all of the friends God has given us here.