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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Spring

Spring brings so much fun here in Round Rock, Texas. Bluebonnets, egg hunts, sunny days at the park with friends, and visits from the Easter bunny. Happy Spring and Happy Easter.

Iliff Fam Comes for Hunger Games

My dear friend, Patty, flew all the way from LA with her two young boys and her hubby to watch The Hunger Games with me. :-) She even brought custom-designed matching shirts for us to wear. What a great friend! We had a blast on our "date day"...going to see the movie at the fancy theater and eating lunch at Moonies (I'm addicted right now). And then we were able to hit the mani/pedi shop the next day for more girl time- hooray! Thanks to the daddies for making all the kiddo-free time possible. :-)
Thanks for coming to see us, wonderful Iliff family. We love you!

trophy party

Landon was so proud to get his basketball trophy. He had a great season and we were so pleased with his progress and thankful for his amazing volunteer coaches. Thanks, Coach Paul and Jenny.

Only in Texas

Swimming in of the reasons we love our Texas "winters"!

Happy St. Patty's Day

Austin Zoo with Grunows

always a fun, rustic, zoo adventure :-)
Thanks, Amy!

Valentine's Day 2012

Our Valentine's Day was filled with love and fun...we had our 4th annual Chuck E Cheese party with lots of sweet friends, Landon had his first ever school party, and we invited some lovely ladies from church for a nice dinner at our house to cap it all off.