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Monday, September 7, 2009

Inflatable Wonderland

The slideshow posted below is from last week when we went to Inflatable Wonderland with some friends. Landon and Lincoln had a great time bouncing around and playing at the mall.

Labor Day Baseball Fun

Today was the last game of the season for the Round Rock Express, and they hosted a party for all the Kid's Club members where we got to participate in a parade around the field following Spike the baseball dog mascot, and then the kids all got popsicles, a sword balloon from a clown, and a glow stick baseball bat. Our neighbor, Madison, came with us, and all the kids had a great time at the ball park. The boys are asleep right now with their glowing baseball bats. :-)

Happy 29, part 2, 3, 4....

The birthday celebrations just kept coming. On the morning of my birthday, I received several birthday calls and e-mails, and Barie and her children surprised me with fresh, hot Round Rock donuts and walked in with a lighted candle on a cinnamon roll singing, "Happy Birthday"- it was quite a delicious surprise. Thanks, Barie, for making me feel special and loved.

That night, Aaron treated me to a unique dinner experience at Olivia at the Chef's Table, where I tried lamb's tongue, oysters, mussels, and chicken liver for the first time (and didn't like any of them!), and a new experience enjoying Master Pancake Theater at the Alamo Ritz in downtown Austin (coming out of the movie at 1 am, I saw the famed 6th street was Friday night of a Longhorn home game weekend-WILD!). Then, on Saturday, Aaron gave me the day off to be pampered, and I relaxed by getting a massage, pedicure, my hair done, doing some shopping, having a leisurely lunch, and reading at Barnes and Noble. It was delightful, and such a treat. Thanks, Aaron, for making me feel special and loved.

On Sunday, Barie organized a Mighty Fine lunch and a movie date for the ladies, and, again, I felt special and loved, as many people wished me a happy birthday with cards, gifts, and hugs. It was a treat to hang out with the ladies on a Sunday afternoon.

Thank you to everyone for making me feel so special and loved for my last birthday before the big 30!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

20 and 29

Tonight we went in to Hula Hut to celebrate Cousin Hayley's 20th birthday and my 29th (a few days early). Hayley and I were born on the same day, nine years apart. The boys enjoyed the boats and the water, and we had a nice dinner (messy, with Landon and Lincoln, as usual). It was great to see my Aunt Glenda, who flew out from California to celebrate with Hayley. Hayley is Landon's favorite ballerina, and he is quite taken with her. The boys both enjoyed the "dessert birthday nachos"- just the whip cream and sauces, not the fried cinnamon chips! Happy Birthday to me, part 1.

Ready for T-ball

Last night we went to Academy and Aaron outfitted Landon for his first t-ball season with a bat, glove, batting helmet, and special t-ball baseballs, with a gear bag to tote it all. Aaron and Pastor Keith are going to coach the team together, as Landon, Kale, and Kamden are on the same team, "The Bees". Check out Landon's game face.

More Backyard Brothers

Here are the boys trying to escape...oh boy, are we in for it...keeping us on our toes! In diapers and underwear again!